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HANSE Trusted Advisors and local Support

Our experts will work with you. Our reputation is backed with decades of experience serving midstream and upstream oil and gas, refining and petrochemical companies worldwide. With a best-in-class global customer support structure, local support offices and remote services ensuring support even at the most remote locations.

Pressure relief and trade- or finance systems serve as a critical piece of your facility’s safety system and are the last line of defense against catastrophic failures. HANSE OIL relief and trade system consultants are experts in pressure relief analysis standards and oil- and energy businesses. HANSE can consolidate your practices in a single tool to rapidly develop and assess concepts and business agreement that are linked to an auditable trail of management decisions.

We offer a tailored approach to your energy- and oil businesses, contracting, financing, lobbying by our in-house team, externally or internally (at your site).

Contact us here in the case of any reasonable request.


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