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HANSE GTM General Trade Mechanisms

An organization with a global presence, we pursue business relationships based on cooperation, trust, reliability and communication.

Oil- or Energy trading is a broad and complex mechanism where the players range from individuals (bankers, senior traders, etc) and large multi-national trading houses. These businesses require deep knowledge to understand the formalities and business procedures. It is necessary to study the web most attentively. Generally, no inquiry or offer is 'urgent' or issued under 'deadline' even thought why a real trader (ridiculously enough) should publish his offer via social networks, 'Alibaba', or so-called 'Mandates'?  

HANSE Group business is typically based on the following progress:

1.   Visit our website and apply for your Free Ident-ID which is the base for ALL communication with HANSE Group. Log in your new account and proceed from there likewise to review HANSE price indications and license info.

2.   If you wish to initiate business negotiations and to receive (limited) offers you need an Assessment Account.

3.   When entering the stage of formal business negotiations you need either a Business Class Broker License, a Trader License or both in 'PersonaLUnion' (all fees deductible from any business concluded within the first three months).

Phone calls will be only returned to Assessment Account holders.

Business Meetings with our traders (or Finance Department) will only be held with Assessment Account holders and are principally subject to business meeting fees (negotiable) as well as a signed agenda from both sides one week in advance.

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