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About 'POP'

Upfront POP is never what it seems to be . POP as often seen on the Internet is basically Proof of Product. Intermediaries cannot give POP if they have never even seen the goods; and even if one goes to the supplier’s country and looks at the goods he is going to purchase, there is no guarantee that the goods he has seen, will not be sold to someone else tomorrow. A Proof of Product (‘POP’) is often requested by buyers or intermediaries who believe it will give them some guarantee of the existence of the product and ability of the supplier to deliver. Many POPs produced are fake. The POP offers no proof at all, because once a POP has been drafted, it is automatically out of date. The product could have been sold to another buyer and no longer exists. If an end Buyer were dealing with a supplier, anything can be suggested especially in matters of POP.

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