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HANSE Project-Investments

A Project Investment Letter of Interest (LI) or MoU is an indication of HANSE's willingness to consider investment in a given project. To negotiate, interested bona-fide parties must (a) have an Assessment Account (b) be licensed in Business Class (PersonaLUnion) and obtain a HANSE Bank Finance License when it comes to a Finance Term sheet. A prime HANSE HCI Index Rating (100.00) is mandatory.

HANSE processes transactions as quickly as the applicant and HANSE, working together, are able to complete the necessary procedures and documentation. The duration of the origination process varies depending on a number of factors, including how quickly relevant project information and documentation are provided to HANSE, the complexity of the transaction, the length of the negotiations, the nature of the security documentation, and the responsiveness of legal counsel.

HANSE shall give full support and guidance as to the setup and structuring of formalities.

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