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Nigerian Crude Businesses

Actually, we receive so-called "offers" for over 720 Mio b/d daily which equals approx to half of the Nigerian's daily crude production (!)  

We formally amended our purchase workflow for bonny crude as follows, valid until further notice and subject to HANSE GTS General Terms of Purchase and Supply (all) .


1.0OfferSupplier to meet HANSE criteria for partner selection
1.1OfferOnly Business Class 'PersonaLUnion" License Holder
1.2OfferSGT Crude Oil Single Trade License.  If your company profile is identified as 'low risk', no further action is necessary.  
2.0TradingSeller swift a security deposit against HANSE 'Purchase Memorandum'  
3.0Closing         FTS Firm Term Sheet 
4.0.PaymentAs agreed 

HANSE OIL, upon receipt of acknowledgement, shall immediately proceed with the formalities.

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