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HANSE Partner License

Suppliers are critical to our success as a business. By developing these suppliers, it helps us to create value, manage cost and reduce risk, which in turn enables us to keep our projects running efficiently and profitably in the long term. Once submitted, your company information will be transferred into our Supplier Diversity database. This database is used as a sourcing tool by HANSE Group to identify diverse companies that are capable of providing products and services necessary to meet our supply chain needs. Inclusion in this database does not guarantee a bid opportunity from HANSE. However, by becoming a part of this database, your company will be exposed to our when sourcing activity occurs. 

The HANSE Partner License Programme is an extension of our Business Class Licensing and has been created to formally recognize our suppliers and corporate service- or consulting organizations that provide global supply and advisory services to the whole HANSE Group and to agree on a common standard.

A HANSE Partner License does not include Crude Oil Trading.

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